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Bl**dy Awesome Parents (BAPS) is run by a group of parents who have children or young people with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities.

We found so many groups out there who supported families with dealing with legislation, rights and finding the right school, etc.  However, we realised there was a lack of sites offering the tools for families to stay upright through it all.

As parents, we often don’t know where to begin.  The idea of BAPS is to bring us together and share advice and information to other families, along with providing useful resources to make life that little bit easier.

Our posts will be real, they won’t suggest having a long soak when we know that there are times you would love to just go the loo in peace.  We won’t suggest a hand massage.  We will be offering real tips from real parents and sharing real experiences and knowledge.

The resources won’t change the system, they won’t make your LA less likely to turn you down for an EHC Plan, they won’t enforce your school to adhere to legislation however, what they will do is help you to know where to start, how to stay on top of the chaos and therefore allow you a bit of breathing space to focus on the big issues we face daily.

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